Golden Lips of Silence

The Golden Lips of Silence (GLOS) is a secret society formed by Bekon Siam and producer Hoarse Hez Destiny from the ancient walled city of Xiang deep within China. These two have joined forces to explore the hidden realms of your psyche. They often eat hearty sandwiches from some of the most exotic locations on the planet!

Their deep knowledge of the interweb and its transitory circuity is of the utmost importance to those of you who feel it necessary to of wonder. One might ask whats the hush hush all about? Well if secrets could speak they would drip honey gold love all over you and nothing else would matter. So come closer we have a secret for you. Lets do this. Enough talkie talk. It’s time to whisper deep nothings to each other all night long … mmmhhmmm….