On our nation’s birthday, in the year 2009, the animal known as ”Shoregasm” was both conceived and born in the mystical woods of Rothbury, MI. Three years later, Shoregasm’s name can be heard on the wind at nearly every major music festival in the country and its mates will likely show up wherever their loyal Captain Clark can dock their boat. Over the course of the past few years, Shoregasm’s crew continually grows as quickly as their reputation; but make no mistake, you don’t choose them…they choose you…not everyone is made for life on the high seas. Where/what/who/how is this “Shoregasm” you ask?…….when they’re there, you’ll know it.

Rules I live by:

  1. American…if you don’t love it, leave it.
  2. “No” is not acceptable…get to “yes”.
  3. Turn it up, always.
  4. Attitude?…check it at the dock.
  5. Credit?…FORGET IT…cash.
  6. It’s not a party unless there are at lease 2 bottles of grigio on hand
  7. Great doesn’t wait…be on your toes at all times.
  8.  Don’t go with the flow, create the flow.
  9. Gold Bond = WONDERFUL stuff.
  10. If you catch someone else using the Shoregasm name to their advantage………think “Hells Angels”.



  • Extraordinaire of the the VIP Party experience
  • CEO of Shoregasm Presents
  • He came to party – did you?