Space Bacon

Named for the monster combination of Kevin Spacey and Kevin Bacon, this Brooklyn-based jamtronica quartet weaves composition and improvisation through an ever-changing landscape of segues, inversions, and palindromes. 

The origin of Space Bacon traces back to the depths of Fordham University basement parties on the gritty streets of the Bronx. Since then, Space Bacon has grown from frat fests to the main stage, quickly conquering the title as one of the hottest up-and-coming jam bands in the North East. In 2016, Space Bacon has made breakthrough performances at Garcia’s at The Capitol Theatre, Bowery Ballroom, The Hall at MP, Rock n Roll Resort, Underground Arts, Mercury Lounge, and Luna Light Music Festival, among others.

Drawing from an array of inspirations including jam music, electronic production, film scores, and a bit of metal, Space Bacon seeks to challenge conventions and pave the way in the modern era of improvisational music. Sound aside, the group follows in the footsteps of its jam band predecessors, cultivating a rabid cult-like fanbase of Baconators who can be seen following the band at every show. Also in true jam band fashion, nearly all of the band’s live shows are documented and soundboards are released through their Bandcamp page.

Space Bacon dropped their studio debut Nodes EP in August of 2016, available on Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp and wherever music is sold online. Be sure to keep an eye out for Space Bacon; this is only their beginning, see what the press has to say:

“On the rise Brooklyn-based jammers Space Bacon continue to break boundaries with their funky electronica fusion… Get ready for a cosmic journey of epic proportions with Space Bacon and their new EP.” – Live For Live Music

“These guys are on a ‘meteoric’ rise, plain and simple. With performances at Disc Jam, The Hall at MP, and a big one coming up at Mazzstock, Space Bacon will come up in conversation if you know anything about music.” – Sound Fix