Will Jay

Will Jay is a 20 year old pop singer/songwriter. He began playing piano and performing at age 4. Will Jay’s music is heavily influenced by The Beatles, Elton John and more recently, Jason Mraz, Bruno Mars, and Sam Smith.

In his own words, “I describe my music as a family tree. Going back two generations, I would consider my grandparents to be The Beatles, as they are my main inspiration for songwriting. My mom is Adele and my father is Elton John. I have many influences but if there’s one artist I want to sound like, it’s Elton. Jason Mraz is my uncle; my music definitely has a touch of his singer/songwriter sensibilities. I have two brothers: Bruno Mars and Sam Smith. I look to Bruno for his throwback vibe and catchy melodies, whereas I admire Sam for the honesty in his lyrics and the authenticity of his music.”