5AM is Philly-based producer, musician, graphic designer and creative magnate Sam Andrus. Once a student at the Rhode Island School of Design burning the midnight oil in the studio with a soundtrack always in the background, Sam has since forged his inspirations from jazz fusion, funk, and future beats into a style of bass music known to captivate audiences with a spectacle of mesmerizing detail and high resolution sound design. 5AM’s music merges worlds as it expertly weaves electronic production and live instrumentation through creative processing and meticulous mixing.

To bring his journey full circle, Sam has expanded his project to form the 5AM Trio, a collaboration complete with live drumming from ZONE Drums (Aaron Harel) and turntablism, bass guitar, and keys from Tygris (Zach Plocic).

5AM has soared to new heights over the past year, becoming the first electronic music producer to perform at the historic Kings Theatre in New York City for the sold-out Tipsgiving. With new music and an appetite for high-intensity, emotionally stirring performances, 5AM has stayed true to his nature as an explorer, and is now a seasoned performer who’s shared the stage with Tipper, Shpongle, Jade Cicada, kLL sMTH, Detox Unit, Kalya Scintilla, Random Rab, and more, and lived on and built strong roots up and down the east and west coasts of the US.




Supa / Concentrated - 5AM Trio

I recently hit the studio with ZONE Drums and Tygris for a 3-day music marathon. The aim was to collaboratively make massive strides on a couple new tunes, dial in existing tunes for performance, and capture some video of the results. The mission was a success, and now we present the first Trio Transmission, a live take on my tune "Supa" blended into a brand new Trio WIP, "Concentrated".Thanks to Rivkin Collective for the awesome single-shot video.Thanks for ST4RFOX and GaddyMusic for additional instrumentation on "Supa". Please watch in HD and share if you dig it!

Posted by 5AM on Wednesday, January 30, 2019