Abelation is the mythical brainchild, Reese Downes. A young music prodigy in the making, at the age of 13 Reese took an early interest in music. At 15 he was introduced to electronic music by his 3 older brothers. Taking inspiration from artist like Tsuruda and Dr.Derg, Reese started to dig deep well beyond the conventional style of music. Armed with the knowledge of piano, basic sound theory, a Macbook pro, and a wild imagination, Reese began to create what feels like a journey into space. Presenting what some would call a “Dub style bass with trap influenced drums,” Abelation makes it a point to bring the most grimy and unique sounds possible. Since his start Abelation has left a string of sound bending singles and remixes that have left listeners jaw dropped. 2018 saw the successful release of his debut Album entitled, “Pulse,” featuring collaborations with Lost Dogz brothers Eazybaked and Milano. With support from artist like CharlesTheFirst, Digital Ethos, Space Jesus, Minnesota, & artist alike. Abelation is sure take you on the journey through sound.