A meticulous perfectionist and a student of the game, singer/songwriter Appleby first grabbed attention as a faceless enigma articulating sorrow and soul through a USB microphone in his bedroom. Using music as a form of therapy to overcome the end of his tennis career, Appleby gained fast traction on singles like “Bitter Boy” and collaborative tracks with Ravyn Lenae and Litany through honest lines and hypnotic harmonies. With a desire to progress and maintain cohesion, he began working directly with producer Elias Abid, the two releasing the EP Down Dance.

Now with a face made visible, the Chicago daydreamer continues to blossom. Having recently released the single “Pages” and with plenty of others on the way to soundtrack sunny days and midnight cruises, Appleby is already eyeing what’s next. In an eternal search of self-discovery and happiness, Appleby’s unique journey takes us to where he is today. “Sunshine, sunshine, sunshine.”