Beach Season

Beach Season is the moniker of musicians Sam Avant and Simon Blitzer – a duo who combines R&B vocals, luscious synths and bass heavy undertones to create a sound of ambient dreamy beats that takes you on an irresistible sonic daydream.

Based in Calgary Alberta, Sam and Simon spent their formative years in their parents’ basements, tinkering with computers, microphones and Sound Cloud. Some may say those are humble beginnings, but in was in those years that they developed, honed and sharpened their signature sound – one that has earned them their well-deserved rep of beautiful experimentation and versatility with all manners of sound.

Recently they’ve found new life in Calgary’s club scene where they’ve further developed their skills in the back rooms of night clubs; dj-ing and playing into the wee hours. Unmatched with their unique take on modern music and first-rate with their remixes/features with artists such as Rainer + Grimm, Humans, Mt. Eden – it’s no wonder that they are starting to build an international following.

Traveling across Canada and parts of the UK, showcasing their music and making new fans hasn’t ruined those basement beginnings. As Branded Magazine noted, “The pair appears to be charmingly unaware of how talented they are, or if they are aware, they are seriously humble about it.”

Their first major EP titled “Libra Year” was released on Universal Music Canada at the end of 2016 with glowing reviews. Lush, vibrant, experimental and everything that Beach Season has always been – completely inimitable. With heavy support from Apple Music & Tidal naming Beach Season Artists to Watch at the end of 2016, this is a taste of what’s to come in 2017 and beyond.