Jesse Miller (bassist/composer for Lotus) takes “button pushing” to a whole new level as Beard-o-Bees. Using several LED grid controllers, his own custom designed software, Moog synths, and a melodica, he plays parts and builds beats in real time, manipulating and mixing sounds for a truly unique electronic performance of original music and remixes.

The latest Beard-o-Bees release, Imperfect Grid, is built upon melodies, bass lines and sounds crafted using Miller’s analog synthesizer collection and meticulously edited to create dance-oriented electronic music. Tracks such as “Juneau Empire” contrast catchy synth hooks with quick cuts over a four-to-the-floor beat while “Lomi” is a cinematic piece of minimalism built on a deep, gritty two-step beat and expanding with layers of piano, cello, and glockenspiel.