London born Charlie Baker aka Breaka, is a producer and DJ who took on his alias after spending long stints in front of Dub sound systems at events like Subdub, and playing to crowds of Students at house parties. His signature sound is always full of bassy goodness, and unique rhythms, which is no surprise given his upbringing as a drummer and growing up in a household with Jazz and Funk.

Breaka’s first forays into music production set pace at 160bpm, and took inspiration from old-school Jungle and Chicago Footwork. However, his first taste of success came in 2018 with the release of “Rory’s Theme / Puffer Jackets” on Holding Hands Records, setting momentum with a new 130bpm sound. These now anthemic tracks, along with his next outing on the label ‘Get Your Sweat On’ lit up dance floors across the world, as evidenced by plays in seminal Boiler Room sets from Sherelle, Darwin & Re:ni and Call Super to name a few.

Whether on his regular radio show, or at club nights across the UK, Breaka is known for playing high energy, peak time DJ sets, mixing with his own productions, as well as crossing genre boundaries fluidly. Whilst at university in Leeds, Breaka co-founded ‘Stretchy Dance Supply’, an event aimed to break the mould with it’s aerobics routine theme. Stretchy has since become infamous for its well tailored guest DJ appearances and unexpected moments of [sometimes enforced] audience participation.

Breaka also started his own self-release label, with three records under his belt to this date. Other notable projects include his 2019 remix of Interplanetary Criminal’s ‘Sensational’, 2020’s ‘The Startup’, and his remix of Kelly Lee Owens’s ‘Re-wild’.