Brother Sundance

At two years old, Brother Sundance was drumming in a way that convinced his father, a professional South Florida drummer, that he had a musical prodigy on his hands. What started as playtime quickly became a passion as he taught himself to drum his favorite songs. From there came the guitar and a realization that the now 18-year had found his true passion.

“In my freshman year of high school, I picked up a guitar and that was it. That day changed everything. From that point forward, all I could do was music. It was the first time I had ever been able to create melodies — full songs, potentially — and I loved it,” said the now-named Brother Sundance.

During the intermediate step in his metamorphosis, Brother Sundance organized a band he named Wallace, which played in the South Florida underground circuit for a year, around the age most teenage boys are focused on getting their driver’s license. Through Wallace, a strong fan base was cultivated which transitioned to support Brother Sundance.

As Brother Sundance emerged, he focused on his voice, chose the piano as his songwriting instrument of choice, and started exploring the complex world of production. To manage this shift, he was home schooled so he could focus on two loves: music and philosophy.

During this “cloistered” period, he wrote, played, produced, engineered and recorded an incredible set of songs in a new musical direction of alternative /pop that could easily be found on a playlist between Twenty One Pilots and Imagine Dragons. Sundance also wrote parts for accompanying female vocalists that added a whole new dimension for the overall sound of the music.

“I have a hand in everything. It’s an incredible medium and I couldn’t be happier. It’s weird — it’s a product, but it’s art.”

By May, 2017 Brother Sundance emerged from his home studio with the new EP “HONEY” in hand and immediately put together a new band made up of an incredible group of South Florida musicians — many of whom he met working as a guitar, bass, keyboard and vocal instructor at the local “School of Rock” franchise.

But it took a studio manager’s enthusiasm for Brother Sundance to hit his current stride. “Brother Sundance has an interesting combination of musicianship, vision, drive and willingness to listen. I liked the music and the person,” said Trevor Fletcher, VP/GM offamed Criteria Studios in Miami.

“Based on his personality, musical approach and direction, I brought in a couple different engineers to work with him. One for the tracking and mixing and one specifically for the vocal work. We integrated the production elements from his personal recording space with those recorded in two or three of our studios and ended up with ‘Honey’,” said Fletcher.

Then Fletcher tipped off well-respected artist manager Jeff Hanson to the multi-level talent that is Brother Sundance.

“Trevor Fletcher was the first one to believe in me. That belief changed my life and I will be forever grateful,” said Brother Sundance.

In fact, Fletcher’s endorsement to Jeff Hanson meant quick progress. It didn’t take long for Hanson to seize on the talent of Brother Sundance. Known for discovering and developing multi-platinum artists Paramore and Creed, Hanson heard the incomplete EP and immediately signed on to be the manager.

“When I met Brother Sundance I didn’t wonder IF he could be successful, just what would be the catalyst to his success. His talent is beyond his years. He brings soul into a genre of music, that for some, lacks depth,” said Hanson.

The new EP “HONEY” has been released and Brother Sundance is already working on writing and recording the second EP for early next year.

The focus track “Blind” on the “HONEY” EP has already been discovered by Apple Music and is being featured on both the “Alternative Hits” and “Breaking Alternative” playlists as well as on Spotify’s “Indie Pop” playlist!

“The reaction has been incredible, we’re working hard to get more music to the fans as quickly as possible,” Sundance says.