Christian Finnegan

Christian Finnegan

Christian Finnegan is perhaps best known as one of the original panelists on VH1’s “Best Week Ever” and as Chad, the only white roommate in “Chappelle’s Show’s” infamous “Mad Real World” sketch. He played Martin on the popular syndicated sitcom “Are We There Yet?” and politics junkies will recognize Christian from his many appearances on “Countdown with Keith Olbermann”.

Most recently, Christian was the creator and co-host of A&E’s “Black & White”, which examined current events and social trends through the lens of Race.

Over the years, Christian has been a fixture on Comedy Central, having starred in his own one hour stand up special “Au Contraire”, as well as ’Comedy Central Presents”, “Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn” and countless network interstitials. He’s also appeared on “Conan”, “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson”, “Good Afternoon America” and “The Today Show”.

Christian’s three comedy albums/specials (“Two For Flinching”, “Au Contraire!” and “The Fun Part”) are available on iTunes and Amazon and are in regular rotation on SiriusXM and all major streaming services.

When not on tour, Christian Finnegan lives in Astoria, Queens with his wife, author Kambri Crews, and their their faithful pooches, Griswold and Chief Billy Bowlegs.



My Goodness

A lot goes into being a “good person”. Always write thank-you notes. Go vegan! Pick up your dog’s poop. Dismantle the Patriarchy! Call your mom. #Resist! I don’t know about you, but that seems like a lot of work. From Martin Shkreli to Pope Francis, we’re all forced to make choices about how to divvy up our good-ness, and it gets confusing. Who’s the “better” human being: the guy who gives to charity but cheats on his girlfriend or the lady who remembers birthdays but voted for Trump? Your mean upstairs neighbor who takes in stray kittens or the GamerGater who served two tours in Afghanistan?

With the help of audience scorecards and John Madden create-a-player technology, comedian Christian Finnegan will explore what it means to be a marginally passable human being in 2018