DJ Spider

How many open-format DJs can say they “came up” under the wing and tutelage of the late DJ AM, as well as Mark Ronson? In addition, how many can say that they’ve held ​monthly residencies in​ nearly every major US market, toured North America as billed support for legends like Blink-182, and continue to play parties for the world’s ​top brands, such as Nike, Amazon, Netflix, E! Entertainment, NBC Universal, Hulu, and ​so ​many others, all while spinning top parties every year at both Sundance and SXSW? And lastly, how many can say that they’ve produced viral remixes, like Spider’s 2016 remix of Fetty Wap’s “679” that ​has ​surpassed​ over​​ ​15 Million streams on YouTube and over ​2 Million ​streams ​on Soundcloud? While most would be happy with even just one of those accolades, DJ Spider has separated himself as one of the top in the business, and he’s viewed by his peers as ​one of the leading tastemaker​s​ in an industry that is constantly evolving. ​