“Dragondeer is great for day drinking and fishing next to the swamp while gators sunbathe near you and your ex-boyfriend is blowing up your phone with angry texts you’re ignoring in between pulls of whiskey. It’s music for wandering down South Broadway in the summer, sticky with sweat, searching for the nearest party. Really, though, it’s bluesy and forceful, and you’ll wonder why you don’t have Dragondeer in heavy rotation after hearing Eric Halborg’s vocal chops.”  – Westword

“Dragondeer delve into some swampy blues and reverb-drenched psych folk. You don’t want to miss Dragondeer’s cosmic blues” – Westword

“Nestled somewhere between the quicksilver psychedelia of the ’60s and bone-thumpin’ blues from Mississippi’s yesteryear, these Colorado cats have crafted a sound that is equal parts cosmic and grooving” – Break Thru Radio

“To close the festival, the psychedelic blues band Dragondeer from Denver. For them also the first time in Europe and what a discovery. They have completely their own style that alternates between symphonic rockblues and psychedelics. Fantastic!! They turn the music into sound pictures, atmospheric, catchy. Very, very original. Casey Sidwell, bassist plays and grooved as if his life depends on it, he sends his bass lines to the whole band. Singer Eric Halborg has a beautiful voice and plays particularly well on the harmonica. This instrument has an important role, but does not dominate. Cole Rudy gets the most strange sounds from his electric mandolin and lap steel, plaintive and sometimes screaming. Although they occur at the end and many festival goers are tired (the festival began at 14:00), they keep everyone who hears them there till the very end. One of the most surprising bands of the entire festival. Hats off!!” Netherlands based BluesMagazine review of the May 2015 performance at Germany’s 24th Annual Grolsch Blues Festival

“This record has a great old-school feel!” David Gans (Musician and 30 year host of the nationally syndicated radio show The Grateful Dead Hour and co-host of Sirius-XM’s Grateful Dead Channel “Tales from the Golden Road”)

“Modern-edged bluesmen a la Jack White and Black Keys, this Denver-based quartet aren’t interested in retreading the past; they put their own psych-folk stamp on it. “Don’t That Feel Good” is a folk-blues outing with cool percussion choices that sound like spoons, shells, and tin cans. A cover of “Messin’ With the Kid” spreads some psych-rock wah-pedal sauce, gobs of lead-vocal reverb and a dizzying guitar solo for a song that’d suit a Guy Ritchie trailer. “Castaway,” with its husky vocal, convincingly channels a midnight hobo-camp intimacy. An excellent addition to any festival right now, it’ll be interesting to see how Dragondeer builds upon its alternative “shot ‘n beer (with a hit o’ acid)” vision.”  Music Connection Magazine

“Don’t That Feel Good” intoxicates with reverbs that transport the listener to a funky, psychedelic bayou wonderland. The five songs overflow with a remarkable storyteller’s ability to draw a listener in, completely enraptured by the momentum of an energetic blues style.” Telluride Daily Planet



  • 2015 and 2016 Westword Music Award Winner Blues Rock