Freddy Todd

Words will inevitably fail to properly describe Freddy Todd. Genre-busting could be an understatement. You can’t pin him down with lexicon like psychedelic¬†lazer-bass or dubstep glitch-funk with a heavy sprinkling of rap music; these phrases fall way short of capturing the expressiveness, fearlessness, and space-bending qualities of his music. Hearing his music is akin to being abducted by an extra-terrestrial cruise liner where everyone is tripping on space acid, folding and bending through time.

FT is truly a master of his craft not only in the studio but on stages across the globe. Without any pre-recorded sets, Freddy has the skills and the audacity to perform on the fly mixes of 90-100% original material tailored to his specific audience, mood, and venue each night, be it a theater in northern California, a club in the back alleys of Detroit, or an outdoor festival in the bush off the eastern coast of Australia (occasionally on special nights with his live keytar accompaniment) – no literally, he will play (almost) anywhere including the wing of an airplane at a rave in the woods outside Portland or during a sandstorm back2back with Thriftworks at Burning Man 2016. Fred Todd has opened for Diplo, played Bonnaroo with Liquid Stranger, rambled on the Duncan Trussell podcast, performed at Red Rocks with GRiZ whomst he has collaborated with for the past decade, as well as with Space Jesus who he has a mysterious side project with, name of Guccimen. What the heck will he do next? Sights are on his new project BLAAP with Of The Trees and Nat Nat.