Bursting into the bass music scene at only 15 years of age, renowned tastemakers saw Frequent’s potential as well as the boundaries he was already starting to push. Staying true to this, he continues to perplex minds and create experiences no one would have thought possible. This has earned him support from some of the most legendary producers in music. In 2017 Frequent released his debut LP ‘Dream Recall’ a continuous, dynamic and emotional experience front to back, full of intricate detail every second along the way.

Inspired by imaginary landscapes and science fiction, Frequent’s goal is to continue to push his innovative, dystopian and mental imagery evoking sound. In addition to his own work, this goal is further pushed through Upscale, the label he co-founded. Considered to be one of the most forward-thinking labels, Upscale has become home to some of the most talented artists in the underground bass music. Alongside this curated community, Frequent continues to change what is possible with sound.