Girl Friday

Bonded by an intense love of Jack Black and a distrust for anyone who doesn’t respect Courtney Love, Los Angeles-based foursome Girl Friday proudly draws inspiration from untraditional places. Guitarists Vera Ellen and Sierra Scott, bassist Libby Hsieh, and drummer Virginia Pettis are painfully aware of how prescribed labels can limit expression, and they resist traditional categorization in all forms. In their refusal to be confined by one genre, they approach songwriting as a collective process that allows each of their musical influences to be heard. All four members provide lead vocals, adding to the confusion of sound guys who call them a “girl band” and verbally wonder why they’re all carrying instruments.

Girl Friday’s writing is heavily influenced by their lives in Los Angeles, where they are constantly exposed to the overlap between genuine self expression and socially motivated performance. Although their songs capture diverse flashes of inspiration from sober lucidity to venomous distortion, they share an affinity for biting social critiques and introspective vulnerability. They refuse to dull their sensitivity to appear more palatable, and in doing so even their more tender moments match the urgency of their screams.