When a band names itself after a structure that is pretty much mandatory in all great wet ‘n wild debaucheries, you know you’re in for quite a ride.  The Oakland based quintet HOTTUB has been at it since 2006, when producer Jason Stinnett (aka Jaysonic) and vocalist Nicole Feliciano (aka Coco Machete) joined forces, later inviting Jennifer Ackerman (aka Loli PoP) and Amber Griffin-Royal (aka Ambr33zy) on vocals, and Mark Gregory (aka Funky Finger) on keyboards.

HOTTUB draws from Dancehall, Punk, Miami Bass, and their live show is full of crowd antics, makeshift slip & slides and  fun loving riots.  The group recently toured North America with UK pop darlings The Ting Tings, who had been giving them shout outs in various blogs and magazine interviews, including a video interview with Perez Hilton.  Their debut EP On Blast! is available on iTunes, released under their own independent record label LeHeat, a most appropriate name as they do bring some serious heat. 

They’re three really outrageous girls, kind of like Beth Ditto characters with spandex and disco balls on their heads. They sound like the Beastie Boys but with pop songs. It’s really bizarre, but they’re great performers.” –The Ting Tings’ Katie White (MOJO MAGAZINE)

Hot Tub get the fans involved, whether it’s dancing, grinding, or pouring beer on their faces.” — Misha Vladimirskiy (SPIN.COM)

[They] threw beer on the floor (before diving into it), jumped up on anything that was stable enough, and encouraged an all-out dance party. Yeah, I’m sure I’ve seen similar insanity from the likes of Yo Majesty, The Show Is The Rainbow, and so on, but Hottub still have that new music smell!” — Jason Glastetter (CMJ RELAY)

Hottub draw energy from quality ancestors – The Selector, B-52s, Schooly D, MC Lyte, Beasties – but given contemporary sharpness and dirty mouthed savoir faire. Co-Co Machete, Loli Pop, Ambr33zy, Jay-Sonic and Funky Finger have Parliament-ary potential, i.e. funk superheroes waiting to happen.” — Dennis Cook (JAM BASE)

The Bay Area’s premier party starters, this trio of spandex-clad ladies bump and grind over hip-hop beats while spewing zany, racy rhymes.” — (DETAILS MAGAZINE)



  • Featured in Details magazine as part of San Francisco’s up and coming music scene
  •’s Misha Vladimirskiy raved about a live show, saying “The crowd went bananas… Hot Tub gets their fans involved, whether it’s dancing, grinding, or Pouring beer on their faces.”
  • Toured with The Ting Tings