Growing up in the cultural melting pot of New York, Kevin Schuppel aka KANDY has earned the respect of both ravers and producers alike by having one of the most diverse sounds while remaining in his own world of hectic continuity.

Slaving away for the past 3 years at the hands of a computer monitor, KANDY has become one of the most talked about up and comers in dance music.

Kicking off his major releases through Mad Decent’s rising talent imprint, Jeffrees, him and Kyle Hughes created, “Abnormaal,” which has become a cornerstone in jungle terror sets. Building off the momentum, he’s created a massive catalog of tracks between Atlantic Records, Main Course, Dim Mak, and Universal’s imprint Interscope, creating a sustainable attraction of over 12,000 followers.

His stickiest and most savory moments has come from his most recent achievements, including his performance at Ultra 2016, a set that YourEDM has said, “Of all the first time festival sets we hear, a show of this caliber is certainly hard to come by.” He stole the show, having to have the stage entrance shut down due to capacity.

Hitting the ground running, KANDY put out his debut EP through Mixmash Records, owned by Laidback Luke, the artist who inspired him to produce. Appropriately named ‘Flavors’ KANDY has proven to everyone that he isn’t just a one trick pony, with collaborations from Example, Candyland, Mina, and Funky Craig.

If 2016 has proven anything, it’s that this KANDY could be everlasting.