Breaking traditional standards with dark breaks and groovy vibes, the west coast wonk of Milano has created a new age sounds that combines the downtempo gangster 808s of your favorite songs with a creepy dub sound design of the future. Featuring such hot releases as Crack The Window with EazyBaked (Yheti remix) and Slither, Milano encapsulates the cerebral grime of the underground. Sure to enthrall the mind and capture your inner animal, the ultramodern beats keep the Milano brand consistently on the cutting edge.

Having organically grown his knock from the trees of Tahoe, he has been able to produce a truly eccentric bass sound. A co-founder of the Lost Dogz Collective, the funky bass created by Milano has pushed forward an entire new genre of EDM. By creatively crafting a new dub sound, Milano has enabled his music to cut swiftly through the bass scene in order to reach new audiences. Enthralled by his one-of-a-kind Milano parties, one can never not find themselves getting down to the vibe.