Motion Potion

Consider yourself fortunate if you catch a Motion Potion DJ set. He prepares like a sonic scientist, meticulously researching his audience and finding the gateways to their souls. Intensive preparation makes him versatile, deep, and so much damn fun. These are “oldschool DJ sets”, unfolding like poems, with songs as word and drops as punctuation. Known as the “DJ for people who hate DJ’s”, and‘The Godfather of Silent Disco’ … his loyal fans just call him ‘MoPo’.
Since accidentally becoming a DJ in Greece in 1997, his playfulness and scorn for prevailing paradigms have led him into some unheard-of DJ territory, like opening Govt Mule’s “Deepest End’, closing Metallica’s XXX Anniversary and sharing the stage with Isaac Hayes, Sheryl Crow, George Clinton, and Galactic. He’s played every Electric Forest and every Outside Lands,  plus 10 Bonnaroos. He’s patented multi-hour sets of Talking Heads, Radiohead, Prince, James Brown, P-Funk, The Grateful Dead, Beasties, Beatles & Beck, Widespread Panic, Metallica, and both Michael and Janet Jackson. This is a polymath DJ who defies anyone to define his taste.

Nor is he some old man railing at ‘the kids these days’. Instead MoPo bridges a century of popular music with the last 2 decades of modern dancefloor production. He’s crafted more than 150 remixes, edits, and mixtapes, and records virtually every show. In 2016, he released Subterranean Homemade Alchemy, an extended album of Radiohead remixes. And when a hardcore fan is in need of some musical inspiration, he’ll hunker down and find them something perfect from the archives. Reach out to MoPo with an impossible challenge and that friend could be you.


  • Motion Potion is the original curator of the world famous Silent Disco at the Bonnaroo Music Festival
  • MoPo is kown for a rare ability to play exactly the right music for the moment and an expertise with a wide variety of genres that he seamlessly melds into a coherent blend