Nick Laparra

Nick Laparra is the founder of Let’s Give A Damn. LGAD helps organizations approach social impact more strategically and guides them toward more meaningful work. He has been involved in humanitarian and social impact work for the last 20 years in over 30 countries around the world. Nick grew up in Guatemala. His dad is a refugee and immigrant from Guatemala.

Nick is currently working on his first book, Damn Good People: Stories Of People Who Give A Damn & Steps For How To Become One. He is a minimalist and a self-experimenter that has lived out of a backpack and a duffel bag for the last two years.

When Nick is not working on his latest project, you’ll probably find him smoking a cigar, drinking coffee, and reading a great book. He currently lives in Nashville with his wife (Becky) and three children (Solace, Belle, and Roman).



It’s Time To Give More Damns Than Ever Before

An inspiring talk that compares/contrasts the things in life that truly matter with the things that don’t. In this talk, Nick encourages people to focus on living intentionally and doing things that make our world better.

The Power Of Less

An explanation of Nick’s journey toward minimalism and an exploration into why humans always want more and how humans thrive, dream, and create more when they have less.

First in, Last Out, Laughing Loudest

A compelling look at what true leadership looks like.