Nick Laparra

Nick Laparra is the founder of Let’s Give A Damn—a platform committed to sharing stories of people who give a damn and creating resources for people who want to give a damn. He has spent the last 21 years involved in humanitarian and social impact work in over 30 countries around the world. Nick was born in Upstate New York but he grew up in Guatemala. His dad is a refugee and immigrant from Guatemala.

He has led multiple non-profit organizations over the last 15 years and has spent the last 10 years consulting and coaching teams and leaders in the areas of social impact, leadership development, and communications.

Nick is currently working on his first book, Damn Good People: Stories Of People Who Give A Damn & Steps For How To Become One. He is a minimalist and has lived out of a backpack and a duffel bag for the last two years. He is constantly engaged in health, food, and habit self-experiments.

To relax and recharge, Nick smokes cigars, drinks coffee, and reads books. He currently lives in Nashville with his wife (Becky) and three children (Solace, Belle, and Roman).



The Power Of Less

Most people think that to do more in life and to be more successful you must have more stuff. That’s bullshit. The more stuff we have, the more preoccupied our minds, hearts, and lives become. Over the last 3 years, Nick has gotten rid of most of his stuff (clothes, books, decisions, etc) in order to have a clearer mind and a greater capacity to find solutions for the problems he encounters each day. Every journey is unique. Nick understands this and helps people find their version of this journey toward less.


For the Sake of Humankind, Give Less Fucks & More Damns

You know how you feel when you see flashing lights in your rearview mirror? Or when you find out your uncle has cancer? Or when a close friend overdoses? That reality check? That feeling that nothing matters anymore except the most important things? Nick’s aims to live like that. There is an enormous amount of freedom in fully realizing that life is fragile and short. We must live like every moment matters. Through years of rigorous discipline, experiments, and learning, Nick have found this freedom and he wants to help others find it, too. This talk creatively juxtaposes things we should and should not care about as we think more about our legacy and less about short-term satisfaction.


More Humble Leaders, Please

There’s this antiquated idea that leaders need to be rough, tough, and demanding in order to get their teams to do their best work. This type of leader may see short-lived results but they will fail in the end. True leaders understand that it’s not about them but about the people they serve. Leadership is about lifting others up and helping them move forward. Leadership is not about a title, it’s about helping people realize their true potential and become the best version of themselves possible. Let’s explore this together.


Raising Children Who Give A Damn

Nick spends most of my time interacting with adults who want to give a damn. Most of this time is spent addressing bad habits and choices and figuring how they can undo them. Most children have the benefit of not being set in their ways yet. Children are much more generous and open to change than most of the adults I know.

Nick and his wife have 3 children. They spend a large portion of their time intentionally pointing their children in the direction of good things. More and more parents are asking Nick to create Let’s Give A Damn resources for their kids. He is creating those resources but it’s also necessary for parents do their job well in pointing their children in the direction of the right things in life. This talk will help parents do this well with their children.