piKziL is the musical creation of Liza Oxnard and Kip Kuepper. Long-time friends and collaborators, the two describe their music as somewhere between slanky electro-lounge and jazz nouveaux, with a little bit of scenester grit thrown in.

You might know Liza Oxnard from her successful 90’s touring band, Zuba, or perhaps you’ve heard her sitting in over the years with Colorado favorites String Cheese Incident and The Motet. She is an accomplished composer, has a luscious voice, and completely shreds on the guitar.

Kip Kuepper spent decades as co-owner, producer, and resident musical genius at Coupe Studios in Boulder. A Grammy nominated musician, Kip has performed at jazz festivals across the US, releasing multiple albums as engineer/producer/player with guitar great Danny Heines, and woodwind virtuoso Nelson Rangell.

Liza’s raw and emotive musicality, smooth vocal style and playful, catchy melodies combined with Kip’s lush arrangements, hook mastery and deep jazz influences are the perfect counterbalance.

piKziL is a warm and primordial roux, a hot tango between Astrud Gilberto and Debbie Harry. piKzil is cool, urbane, a place where trumpets float like Dark Rum in a Mai Tai, as magnetic orbits intersect in space.

Their first CD, released September 2016, unveils a comforting crackle of vinyl long-play as violins swell in anticipation of a grand reveal. Slippery Sambas bent on a warm embrace, elegantly caramelize particles out of every sound.

This is an alternate universe where taxicab girls lie silky and hot, sunning in lounge chairs by the pool of an imaginary motel…a place where Beck and Joni Mitchell might play a fierce round of Bocce.

The music is cinematic, evocative, funky, and inexplicably sentimental.

piKziL is currently on regular rotation on 105.5 The Colorado Sound.