Satin Jackets

The nu-disco star, Satin Jackets, was created by the German music producer Tim Bernhardt. With his critically acclaimed, and Gold certified, debut LP “Panorama Pacifico” the project became a very recognizable brand name for lush Indie Dance and Nu Disco tunes. The album included worldwide successes like “You Make Me Feel Good”, collaborations with in-demand vocalists, as well as top-ranked remixing work for the likes of genre- defining acts such as Goldroom and Blank&Jones.

The global success of “Panorama Pacifico” has seen Satin Jackets coaxed out from his remote studio in one of Germany’s ancient forests to play to fans across the world, from South Korea to Mexico and beyond, thereby opening their fluid pop-appeal and accessible four-to-the-floor groove up to the world at large.

Scaling the heights of the Hype machine from their first release to the latest, and clocking up way over sixty million plays on Spotify, Satin Jackets’ original brand of diva funk and smooth disco has whetted the tastebuds of the likes of Majestic Casual, Clash Magazine, and i-D mag who said the duo’s “super sexy, infectious house music is filled with the vibe of summertime.” Their ongoing work with the acclaimed Eskimo Recordings will ensure that Satin Jackets continues playing a vital role with crowds favoring momentum between 105 and 115 beats per minute.

The long awaited second album “Solar Nights” will be released on Eskimo Recordings this April and features 14 tracks of smooth disco and leftfield pop sounds with guest appearances from the likes of Future Classic’s Panama, David Harks, Niya Wells, Emma Brammer and Anduze.