Sexy Dex and the Fresh

Dexter Gilmore/Guitar vox
Gabrielle Washington/Vox
Andrew Landry/Bass
Evan Cvitanovic/Drums
Ben Buchbinder/Synth

Sexy Dex and the Fresh stemmed from Dexter Gilmore’s solo project: Coldiloqs, a two album demo consisting of bedroom pop tunes, all written arranged and recorded by Gilmore. the band formed in April 2014 starting with just Gilmore on guitar and vocals and Cvitanovic playing drums. Slowy the band accumulated members they saw fit. Their mission was to create dreamy dance-able RnB/funk influenced music.

Utilizing harsh synths, swirling guitars and electronic drums, their sound comes across as one elating aura of raw and juicy funk. Planning to release their first full length record this fall, Sexy Dex and the Fresh hope to Bring a new Edge to the New Orleans music scene.

Sexy Dex and The Fresh has shared the stage with many local artists such as BIG FREEDIA, Quintron and Miss Pussycat, Caddywhompus, Naughty Professor, Pleasures, Foe Destroyer, Dominc minix quartet, Harbinger project and more.