I’m interested in pop music with an unpopular message, theme or idea. Like taking an unusual message and producing it in a popular fashion. I wrote “Insecure” in less than 10 minutes on the piano. If it flows easily and comes to me quickly I know it’s gonna be good.

Pop culture right now is all about being self absorbed. People walk around and act like they are a God to mask their insecurity. So instead I tried to make a pop song about being insecure. Preaching the exact opposite of what our culture tells us and disguising it in a pop song.

Telling a story in a video is crucial to me. It has to have a good plot line with a few twists. I enjoy humor that makes the viewer slightly uncomfortable and unsure of what they are watching. I also want people to ask questions after viewing. Everything I produce has a deeper meaning than what you see on the surface.

The video for “Insecure” is about acknowledging your insecurity and letting go of it. It’s about craving attention from someone who won’t give it to you. Everyone goes through the experience of falling in love with someone who won’t reciprocate. For me, the video is about wanting the attention of society, our mainstream media, and the people in the audience represent the skeptical majority. I have to literally spank my butt and go insane for them to notice me and finally they do, or at least the girl does.