Son of Kick

Mika Abadie, known to the music world as Son of Kick, only meets one set of expectations – his own. Whether it be through his unpredictable and explosive productions, his ambitious, high octane live sets, or his provocative, critically acclaimed music videos, this West London-based Producer, DJ, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist shows his quality while forging to new paths to thrilling sonic frontiers.

Son of Kick isn’t just another spacebar-happy party rocker, he’s a musical cosmonaut on a voyage of discovery. Fueled by a host of influences as varied as his sound and a passion and ambition that’s only beginning to fire, Abadie’s goal is to write music that he will still be proud of in 5, 10, 20 years, not some microwaved banger that you forget after 10 seconds. Nothing’s safe, especially not speakers, or minds, but the best is in the future, where Son of Kick will find you.