After a quiet 3 years of learning to produce, spüke emerged with his first tracks on SoundCloud in 2017. He was instantly noticed by Phuture Collective and taken aboard their project. He blossomed up the chain by creating music with his own unique style which blends elements of funk, soul, future bass, house, and acid jazz. spüke continues to work on new music without much thought on a particular genre, you never quite know what you’re getting out of him. He went on to join BONSAI Collective, a team of like minded artists who would help him grow as a producer, performer, and individual. There he would release his most popular tracks “le métro” and “emanate” which had taken all platforms by storm and continue to flourish across the globe. 
 He had his first debut show at Space Yacht, LA in November of 2018 where he would perform under MR. CARMACK and Tsuruda. It came as no shock to anyone when he absolutely crushed his set and left the crowd completely out of breath! Since then he has went on to perform with Whethan, Nitti Gritti, Jack Beats, Botnek, Quickly Quickly, Quiet Bison, Sober Rob, Subtronics, Ryan Shepherd, HOLLY, Sacha Robotti, Defunk, Tony Romera, Ekonovah, Kaivon, Schade, and Deorro to name a few. Performing at venues like Sound Nightclub (LA), Exchange (LA), Club Audio (SF), 1015 Folsom (SF), Sunnyvale (NY), Electric Forest (MI), and Paris Theatre (PDX).