Vide (Ryan Blank, 24) is an experimental electronic artist born and raised in the greater Baltimore City area. Early influences with Rock and Metal naturally gravitated vide to master guitar at an early age, but he’d begin producing in 2012 as he found inspiration within the heavier bass-driven sounds that were fresh in the electronic scene at the time. While vide’s earlier work showcases his depth and understanding of music theory and melody, he’d ultimately progress towards cutting-edge experimental sound design as characterized in his Treason EP and developed further in his second EP, Death Bell.

Outside of his solo projects, vide is also a member of the pioneering collective, Lost Dogz, contributing several collab releases such has his recent track Backseat Jameson with EAZYBAKED as well as other releases with Milano and Untitld. With each release unfathomably topping his last, vide has quickly built a reputation as one the most forward thinking artists pushing the technical levels of sound design.