Wax Future

Wax Future has been captivating listeners with a funk-drenched hip-hop-driven sound. Performing live The duo from Philadelphia takes listeners on an immersive journey. Guitarist Keith Wadsworth is known for his energetic performances, oftentimes interacting with the crowd, creating in-the-moment connections. In the studio, the two are known for their songwriting and the ability to bring forth music that is as emotionally captivating as it is sonically diverse. Connor Hansell’s production and engineering work harkens back to the glory days of recording, using as much analog gear as he can get his hands on and sampling from vinyl records. Together, the two craft music that is of the future, but is reminiscent of the past. Guitar work ranges from soulful to technical and intertwines with raucous analog synths, hard-hitting drums, and haunting vocal samples, to create emotive and memorable music.